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Stone Floor Mirror Polishing & Restoration Services

Marble and Stone Floor Maintenance

These days, more and more "decorative" marbles are being used for their beauty and not their strength. These marbles are generally very prone to abrasion, vertical compactions, scratching and staining.

The main reason polished stone floors become dull is that we walk on them and "grind" in dust, sand, and other fine, gritty matter that abrades the finish. Although the scratching is very fine, it eventually covers the whole area so massively that light will no longer reflect of the surface .Therefore, maintenance is a key factor guaranteeing post-installation or post-restoration beauty appearance and longevity.

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Why choose us ?

  • Trusted service by our clients
  • Very reasonable rates
  • Long lasting shine that you will love it
  • We only use tested products
  • New and old floors revived and restored
  • Fully trained Professionals
  • Residential and Commercial enquiries welcome

Our Specialist Services

  • Limestone/Marble floors
  • Terracotta floors
  • Flagstones/Stone floors
  • Concrete floor

Trained Professionals across the country and expanding out across the world, CSCW is the recent group with advanced chemicals, machines and polishing procedures in stone floor restoration and stone floor polishing services. With our stone floor restoration service, your marble doesn’t just look better it looks new again.

‘Your neighbors or guests will praise the finish of floor once they see it’

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