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Cerium Oxide

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Cerium Oxide 99.95% Min. Grade


Cerium (IV) oxide; CeO2; ceric oxide; ceria; cerium oxide; cerium dioxide; A 1; A 1(ceria); CESL 15N; Cepol 120; Cepol 302; Ceria; Ceria (CeO2); Ceric oxide; Ceric oxide (CeO2); Cerico; Cerico H; Cerium dioxide; Cerium dioxide (CeO2); Cerium oxide; Cerium(4+) oxide; Cerium(IV) oxide


Cerium oxide usually appears as a yellow powder. It is insoluble in water and moderately soluble in strong mineral acids. CeO2 is slightly hygroscopic and will absorb small amounts of moisture and CO2 from the atmosphere.

Molecular Weight (g/mol.) : 172.1142

Apparent Density (g/cm3) : 7.65 g/cm3 as a solid

Specific Gravity : 7.28

Melting Point (°C) : Approx. 2500°

Boiling Point (°C) : 3500 °C

Odor : Odorless

Acute Health Hazard : Yes

Mohs Hardness @ 20 °C : 6

Solubility In Water : Insoluble

Appearance : yellow powder

Crystallography : Cubic, face centered


Glass Decolorization:

The glass is initially colored by the metal contaminates present in the raw materials used to produce glass. Iron oxide is a moderately strong colorant in glass and as little as0.01 % can be visually detected. The ferrous component present in it provides a blue-greenish tinge with nearly ten times as strong a discoloring power as the brown-yellow of the ferric ion. Cerium oxidizes these metals and eliminates unwanted color

Picture Tubes:

It absorbs ultraviolet radiation strongly. Because of cerium, TV screens remain clear and visible even after long use.

Opacifier in Enamels:

Cerium oxide has a high refractive index and is a potential opacifying agent in enamel compositions used as protective coatings on metals.

Hydrogen Production:

Thermochemical water splitting process based on Cerium (IV) oxide and Cerium (III) oxide for hydrogen production.


Thermoelectric material, cerium tungsten electrodes, cerium silicon carbide abrasive, In solid oxide fuel cells because of its relatively high oxygen ion conductivity, some permanent magnetic materials, all kinds of alloy steel and non-ferrous metals, medicines.