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Cerium Oxide

Cerium OXide Polishing Grade Extreme VN-100

  • Supreme Quality Product
  • Very High Polishing Strength
  • Maximum Output
  • Competitive Price
  • Highly Recommendable
  • Easy and safe to use

The products formulated by Chrome Star Chemical Works for this application are the result of many years of intensive research and development and cooperation with our customers, leading research institutes and our distributors.

The products undergo continuous development and testing based on the latest technology. Take advantage of CSCW vast experience and put their superior environmentally friendly aqueous cleaning products to work in any step of ophthalmic lenses or optical component manufacturing.


Optics: Very High Precision Lenses E.g. Eye wear lenses, Camera lenses, Microscopic and telescopic lenses, Prisms, Binocular lenses, Magnifying lenses. Polishing of high quality lenses used in the electronics and high precision optics industries; watch crystals and quartz polishing

Mirrors: Includes Home mirrors, automobile rear view, side view and front view mirrors

Flat Glass: Cleaning and bevel polishing

Windshields: Removing marks, scratches, dust particles, hazes and wiper marks

Architectural Glass: Repairing and polishing old window glasses

TV Screens: TV LED/LCD Screens – STN and TFT glass polishing, Mobile Glass Screens etc

Disks: Glass and glass ceramic substrates