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Chromium Oxide

Chromium Oxide Cosmetic Grade


Chromium Oxide Cosmetic Grade; Chromic oxide; Chrome oxide green; Chromium (III) oxide; Chromium sesquioxide; Chrome green; Chromium oxide green pigments; Dichromium trioxide; Chromia; Chromium (III) oxide; Anhydride Chromique (French); Casalis green; Chrome ochre; Chromia; Chromic acid green; Chromium oxide; C.I. 77288; Green Chrome Oxide; Green Oxide of Chromium; Green chromic oxide; Green chromium oxide; Green cinnabar; Green oxide of chromium


Model : CR-D

Cr2O3 : 99.2% min.

Cr6+ : 10 ppm max

Oil absorption g/100g : 25 max

Solution PH : 5—8

Water soluble : 0.4% max

Residue on 325 mesh : 0.3% max


Chrome oxide is a green crystal powder, metal luster, magnetic, good covering strength, high temperature-resisting and sunlight fastness. Not soluble in water, barely soluble in acids, comparatively stable in air, unaffected by acids and alkalis of common density, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hydrogen etc. Chrome oxide green enjoys excellent quality and firmness of coloring.


Chrome Oxide is packed in 25kgs, 50kgs woven bags lined with PE liner or as request. 20-24MT will be loaded in per 20’FCL container.


Chromium Oxide Green is a green pigment. It provides superior color purity & saturation, outstanding dispersibility, no aggregate formation. In cosmetics and personal care products, Chromium Oxide Greens is used in the formulation of makeup, hair coloring products, cleansing products, bath products, nail polish and skin care products. It also used in soap making as a non-bleeding color.

It can be tinted with titanium dioxide to create different green shades.