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  • To be the No 1 Chemical producer in the world
  • Strong commitment to unbeatable quality and customer satisfaction


Our core values consist of intangible factors, a philosophy and some basic principles that we call our Fundamentals. Our Fundamentals guide our every action, enabling us to remain true to ourselves and make a difference in an ever-changing world.

Following are some of the attributes that have made us the industry leader in offering various industrial chemicals:

  • Genuine Manufacturer with 32 years of long experience
  • Honest & Trustworthy Relationships
  • World Challenging Quality Products
  • Low Manufacturing Cost
  • Huge Production Capacity
  • Long term Reliable Supplier
  • Wide Distribution Network
  • Timely Delivery


Ever since our inception, we committed ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance. We believe that a robust corporate governance policy drives healthy business growth and reinforces vibrant markets, besides serving an important instrument of investor protection. Governance also provides an appropriate framework for the Management to set corporate objectives to enhance shareholder value.


Our business code reaffirms our adherence to core values and serves as a practical guide to everyday work life. Constantly accommodating new legal and regulatory developments, this code is a valuable resource in assisting employees with decision making to ensure that business is conducted with integrity. This code also helps in preventing, detecting, reporting and addressing any allegation of misconduct & violations of law.


Adhering to the principle of fair disclosure, we regularly provide information on the company’s position and significant changes in business activities to all our stakeholders.