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Cerium fluoride (CeF3); Cerium fluorure; cerium (iii) fluoride anhydrous; ceriumfluoride(cef3); ceriumfluorure; Cerium(+3)fluoride; Cerium (III) fluoride.


Molecular Formula: CeF3

Molecular weight: 197.12

Appearance: White

Solubility: Sparingly soluble in water and soluble in strong mineral acids

Density: 6.16g/c3

Packing: Plastic woven bags: 25kgs or 50kgs net each


Raw Material for Polishing Powder:

It is considered to be the most effective glass polishing agent for high precision optical polishing.

Anti-reflection Coating:

In anti-reflection (AR) coatings, e.g. 2-layer AR-coatings on glass, cerium fluoride is used with magnesium fluoride. In 3-layer coatings, cerium fluoride can be combined with barium fluoride or zirconium oxide and magnesium fluoride.

Chromium Plating:

The plating solutions must contain an anion such as fluoride to stabilize the active Cr(III) intermediate and prevent the aquo-ion from forming. In practice it has proved difficult to maintain a stable concentration of this ion, F¯. The addition of cerous ions, as cerium fluoride directly to the plating bath along with the fluoride has been found to provide a self-regulating electrolyte. The solubility of cerous fluoride is independent of temperature of the plating solution within the range of practical concern. By ensuring that excess, undissolved cerium fluoride will always be present, the fluoride ion concentration can be closely controlled and quality plating achieved.


Cerium fluoride used as a core additive to improve the properties of the eventual weld. The fluoride provides stability to the arc and also modifies the behavior of the molten metal flowing into the weld.

Optical Coatings:

Thin surface coatings are applied to optical components to improve performance. Wide-band anti-reflection coatings for the visible and infrared regions are made from alternating layers of materials with differing refractive indices. Cerium fluoride, a stable material resistant to humidity damage is a preferred compound for building up the multi-layers deposited on lenses and sensors.

Particle and Radiation Detection:

Crystalline cerium fluoride, CeF3, provides a fast response, with 27ns decay constant, and is suitable for positron emission tomography (PET). The material is resistant to radiation damage and is suitable for high energy physics experimentation.

Lubrication Additive:

Cerium Fluoride, CeF3, can be used as an additive to lubricant formulations to improve extreme-pressure. In addition, this fluoride has been proposed as a high temperature (1000°C) lubricant.