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Cerium Oxide

Cerium OXide Polishing Grade VN-100

Cerium Oxide vn-100 image
  • Highest Selling Product in Automobile Sector and Optics
  • Applicable for Polishing all Glass Products
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Cost Efficient

As polishing is the final step in the surfacing process, it should not be expected to remove errors made during previous steps when the shape is formed and smoothed. It is therefore necessary that both previous steps, beveling and smoothing are done correctly and accurately.


Optics: Especially for Very High Precision Lenses E.g. Eye wear lenses, Camera lenses, Microscopic and telescopic lenses, Prisms, Binocular lenses, Magnifying lenses

Flat Glass: Cleaning and bevel polishing

Mirrors: Includes Home mirrors, automobile rear view, side view and front view mirrors

Windshields: Removing marks, scratches, dust particles, hazes and wiper marks

Architectural Glass: Repairing and polishing old window glasses

TV Screens: TV LED/LCD Screens, Mobile Glass Screens etc