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We do not compromise on quality.

Quality Assurance:

Quality performance is a commitment to excellence by each CSCW employee. It is achieved by teamwork and a process of continuous improvement.

Chrome Star Chemical Works has been manufacturing Chemicals for industrial and commercial applications for almost 35 years. Our vast experience has taught us that a superior quality product will stand the test of time. We provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and to achieve customer satisfaction by the continuous improvement of our Quality Management system. All Products are therefore manufactured of the highest quality material supported by the highest quality services.

Chrome Star Chemicals is highly focused to provide its customers with best quality products and has implemented rigorous quality system to assure this. We place strong emphasis on quality parameters suggested by our esteemed clientèle and work towards incorporating unchallenging quality into our products and processes.

We consistently maintain the superlative standards of quality. A certain set of procedures is followed as prescribed in ISI standards to get an accurate analysis in testing. To ensure the quality, each and every product passes through several strict parameters till it reaches to the end user. By continuous feedback from customers, we are able to prioritize their requirements and prevent deviations. All our products are manufactured according to client's specifications and undergo testing to assure conformance.

We offer uncompromising international quality products at competitive prices. We believe that nothing short of top quality and consistency would satisfy our customers. Consequently, we encourage our clients to give us as much feedback as possible, and over the years, we have formalized a process for reviewing this valuable input and finding solutions

Quality Control

The Quality Control Division of Chrome Star Chemical Works is fully equipped to meet the most stringent demands of domestic as well as overseas clients. We believe that quality is the single most important aspect of our existence and presence.

Vigorous tests are carried out under Standard Operating Procedures (SOP.) All raw materials and finished products undergo this check to ensure defect free products are delivered to the customers.

Measures for Quality Control

  • Well-equipped laboratory with advanced high-end equipment.
  • Quality checks at all the stages of production.
  • Customized reports to ensure traceability.
  • Certification of all supplies with quality assurance report.
  • Continuous skill up-gradation of Quality Control personnel.

Our best selling products continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and distributors by meeting specific quality criteria of durability, comfort, safety and environment friendly. Our most important criteria when developing a product remains to solve a problem.