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Chromium Oxide

Chromium Oxide Refractory Grade


Chromium Oxide Refractory Grade; Chromic oxide; Chrome oxide green; Chromium (III) oxide; Chromium sesquioxide; Chrome green; Chromium oxide green pigments; Dichromium trioxide; Chromia; Chromium (III) oxide; Anhydride Chromique (French); Casalis green; Chrome ochre; Chromia; Chromic acid green; Chromium oxide; C.I. 77288; Green Chrome Oxide; Green Oxide of Chromium; Green chromic oxide; Green chromium oxide; Green cinnabar; Green oxide of chromium; Chrome refractory


Model CR-A CR-B
Cr2O3 >=99.2% >=99.6%
Fe2O3 <=0.2% <=0.02%
SiO2 <=0.2% <=0.01%
Na2O+K2O <=0.1% <=0.1%
Moisture <=0.2% <=0.1%


Molecular Weight: 151.99

Density: 5.21g/cm3

Appearance: Sharp Green Color

Refractive Index: 2.5 (good cover ratio)

Specific Heat Capacity: (20 ° C) / 0.17J / (g K)

Melting Point: 22654°C

Boiling Point: 3000°C

Chrome oxide is a green crystal powder, good covering strength, high temperature-resisting and sunlight fastness. Chrome oxide green enjoys excellent quality and firmness of coloring. Not soluble in water, barely soluble in acids, comparatively stable in air, unaffected by acids and alkalis of common density, sulfur dioxide, sulfur hydrogen etc.

Insoluble in water, acid and organic solvents, slightly soluble in concentrated sodium hydroxide solution, sodium bromide dissolved in hot, hot or boiling concentrated perchloric acid solution of parathion mixed acid.


Chrome Oxide is packed in 50 kgs drum with PE lining. 20-24MT will be loaded in per 20’FCL container.


Chromium oxide is commonly used in the production of refractory bricks to line metallurgical and glass furnaces and kilns, mortars, ramming mixes, gunning mixes.

It is used in furnace walling, in a production of anticorrosive and fire-proof surfaces, than in a production of coating compositions, stuffs, color bricks, tiles, roofing, rubber, plastics, etc. A refractory material can withstand very high temperatures by reflecting heat. Refractory materials are used to line high-temperature ovens.

High temperature sintered chromium oxide based refractory have unequalled resistance against high temperature corrosion by molten SiO2-Al2O3- Fe2O3-CaO/MgO slags and by certain glass wool compositions, in an oxidizing environment.

Chromium Oxide widely used in range of chromium oxide-alumina-zirconia refractory compositions. Initially developed to resist the harsh environment encountered in high temperature coal gasification processes, refractory offer a good combination of corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and resistance against severe thermal shock.

Lower chromium content bricks are used for backup layers in gasification or for applications where high alumina bricks do not resist corrosion.